Waste removal in London

Whether it’s just your house or commercial waste that you want to get rid off, we provide you waste removal services at every scale.

Home Clearance has some of the best trained professionals who can easily, quickly and carefully clear all of your waste from household items or business.

Home Clearance—Why are we best?

At Home Clearance, we understand the true value of environment and we want to ensure that everyone is playing their part in the preservation of this planet. We don’t work on the idea of profit maximisation, so all of our services are reasonably priced, so you get outstanding value for your money. Working with us on waste removal has tons of benefits, like:

  • Eco-friendly waste removal
  • Free quotation visits
  • No hidden tariffs
  • Professional experts who know how to take care of your house during waste removal.
  • A reputation for top-of-the-class facilities and services.


 How do we do it?

  1. Waste pickup

Get the convenience of curb-side waste removal services with one of the best environmental waste removal service provider.

  1. Bulk Waste pickup

Do you have a particular waste pickup like engine parts, waste appliances, mattresses, furniture? We will do it for you, even if no one else will. Because we have what it takes to deal with every kind of waste.

  1. Recycling services

You can choose from various recycling options for your plastic, paper or  metal recycling so you won’t have to visit a recycling centre again.

  1. Yard waste removal

Do you have any yard waste like grass clippings, leaves, foliage or tree limbs that you want to get rid of, sign up for our services and you won’t have to do the composting all by yourself at home.

  1. Hazardous waste removal

Not many waste removal service providers would do this for you: to remove your hazardous industrial or household waste and to dispose it off through right eco-friendly techniques. Some of the examples of hazardous waste that we remove includes Paints, antifreeze, pesticides, household chemicals, used motor oil, etc.

  1. Food and organic waste removal

As aforementioned, you won’t have to go through the hassle of composting organic waste at your home, because Home Clearance waste removal services can get it done for you at affordable rates.

Who do we serve?

We provide household, business and industry solutions. No matter how small or large your company, we have custom waste removal services that will closely meet your requirements.  Some of our services include:

  • Medical waste removal: Waste management with Home Clearance becomes more convenient with scheduled or mall-in services.
  • Recycling services: Does your company has to comply with certain regulatory requirements for recycling, we will ensure that a custom recycling program is created to provide greater diversion rates and more eco-friendly environment.
  • Miscellaneous waste removal services: Home Clearance also provides waste removal services for materials that don’ easily curb into the recycle bin.