Waste disposal in London

It has taken sometime but the world now finally understands the true significance of waste disposal. Those days are gone when you could simply dump your waste anywhere. In fact, gone are the days when people didn’t have to confront the spillover effects of their waste dumping practises.
The world is on the verge of a major environmental catastrophe, and it’s every household’s and business’s job to take care of their waste. You can get rid your waste quite easily, but making sure it’s not backlashing to the world is another thing.
we are here to help you out through our green waste disposal. Check out why we are different.

Safe and responsible waste disposal with House Clearance

There are two reasons why you should consider to dispose off waste responsibly. First, it’s your duty towards the environment to protect it against further degradation. It’s now or never!

Second, to avoid any legal implications and to keep your business run smoothly, you have to ensure that the waste is disposed off properly.
Why choose House Clearance? We are registered with Environment Agency and all our services stringently follow the highest standards set for waste disposal.

Not every waste is same

You might be thinking that waste is just waste, and any waste carrier would provide you the services of disposing off any kind of waste. But that’s not true. Home Clearance provides you the largest facilities to dispose off every kind of waste, like general household waste, scrap metal, construction waste, etc. Also, we take custom requests for your waste disposal. If you have any hazardous waste that needs disposing off, we will also get it done.

How we do it?

Landfill isn’t just a viable solution for waste disposal, and thanks to the lack of space and other contamination problems, the world is moving away from this process of waste disposal.


We foresee a world where we won’t have to resort to landfills anymore. But this transition can take time. For now, we focus on incineration and combustion that burn solid waste and reduce it’s volume to 20-30 percent. This leaves little pressure on the landfills as less space is taken. The incinerators convert solid waste into thermal energy like gas, heat, ash and steam.

Recycling and Recovery

What we look forward to is full recycling and resource recovery. We try to our best to recycle as much waste as possible. Resource recovery i.e taking useful items from the discarded waste, and processing them for use in other products is also under consideration. Recovery is also used as a source of energy and that’s why we want to make use of it. Recycling, however, is different. It involves converting waste products into entirely new products.

Why choose us?

There are tons of reasons why you should go for House Clearance for your waste disposal.

  • Eco-friendly recycling
  • We are cheaper than skip hire
  • You don’t need any permits
  • Best value for your money
  • No hidden fees
  • License company
  • Industry experts