Junk Collection London

Junk collection in London

Home Clearance provides professional junk collection services in London for your home or business, including shop centres, offices, construction sites, manufacturing plants, and more. We are happy to be part of this junk collection team in London who is here to help you through all of your waste disposal needs.

With our established transport network and local team spread throughout London, House Clearance is one of the biggest, most efficient and cost-effective way to clear your junk. With proximity to your property, we can pick up your junk items on the same day. All you have to do is to give us a call.


Benefits of House Clearance services

We aren’t like other junk collection services in London—we are reliable and know exactly how to do our job efficiently. With Home Clearance, you can totally rely on our services. Our potential clients can easily reach us to dispose off their junk. The best part: we do all this in the most eco-friendly way.

Junk like papers, metals, e-waste, furniture, clothing, office supplies and appliances is taken to our recycling plant where it’s made available for reuse.

Skip is an absolute waste of time, when you have junk collection service provider available in London. All you need is to contact us on 074 93 846 007. Our experts will guide you through the whole procedure—how we do it—signing up—and can also provide an estimate for the service charges over the call, but the final price is set only after meeting up.

Our team has professionals with years of experience in Junk removal. Some junk collection service providers don’t have the facilities to accommodate every kind of waste and that’s why you need to contact us and we will pick up any kind of unusual waste. You can really count on us for safe, reliable and efficient junk collection in London


Where is the collected junk taken?

We try to make sure that every waste item we collect is recycled and reused. Though, it’s not possible with every kind of waste, but we do keep check on various kinds of waste, like discarded electronics, papers, furniture, clothing and metals.

Landfills aren’t a viable option and goes against the ethics of our company. We want to minimise directing our collected waste to Landfills. For that, we use techniques like combustion and incineration to reduce the volume of waste down to just 20-30 percent of the original.


Call us—get a quote

Feel free to contact us anytime of the day and our customer support staff will help you through our offered services. You can request a quote on any combination of our services, like garden clearance, commercial clearance, waste removal or building waste collection.  We highly accommodate your custom requests because we don’t want any form of waste getting dumped.