Garden Waste Removal

Houseclearance London is your one-stop environmentally friendly company based in London with specialty in a wide range of junk collection and recycling services for both domestic and commercial customers which includes house clearance, building waste removal, public sector clearance, junk collection and so much more.
We offer the best waste removal services for contractors and aim to deliver the right service for every of our customers. For landlords in need of building waste removal and house clearances, we collect all your unwanted household waste like paper waste, plastic waste, glass waste, metal waste etc. from anywhere in the building with our junk collection team of professionals.

We also engage in public sector clearance all over London and its surrounding areas and we are also the best on recycling. It is vital that you find a trusted and reputable company who can offer stress-free building waste removal, house clearance, and public sector clearance services at an affordable rate.

Houseclearance London carry out junk collection services in a quick and efficient manner and we also offer waste removal services for contractors and landlords, transportation, and recycling services for your metal waste, paper waste and glass waste, and carry out disposal services at an affordable rate. Each junk collection job is different, so it is important to employ the services of a professional service provide who ensures the disposal is properly taken care of and recycled.

Since most landlords and business organizations have disposal needs which includes building waste removal, public sector clearance or house clearance of items like paper waste, plastic waste, glass waste and metal waste including computers, refrigerators, kitchen appliances etc., it is very important to find a WEEE certified company that have all the required licenses to carry out the disposal services and also ensure all possible measures are taken to recycle such items.

Our junk collection services allow you to forget all about your waste as we offer the most cost effective solution to clear all your junks. We have the necessary equipment and an experienced team of professionals that are always ready and happy to help. At House Clearance London, we do absolutely everything for you. We sort the waste according to the type of rubbish and carry out all the physical exertion of the waste and ensures the junk is transported to a legal dumping ground or a recycling facility where it can be reused.

We are authorized and licensed by the Environment Agency to help with your junk collection and building waste removal appropriately.

Houseclearance London also offer a short notice disposal service for anywhere in London and its environs. As a prominent and leading building waste removal and house clearance company in London, we are capable in tailoring a waste removal program to meet with the needs and preferences of our individual customers. In order to make London a beautiful and clean place to behold, hire us today to help with your disposal needs. We are highly experienced, offer affordable, fast and efficient service delivery.