Garden Furniture Clearance

Home Clearance—The best garden furniture clearance services in London

We know you loved your patio furniture and the enclosure, but it’s been years since you got them. And now, they are too old and crappy to be used. Get rid of your old garden furniture so you can come up with something new to add to the outdoor aesthetics of your home.

Some houses have very big and wide patio structures. They can either be made up of wood or the aluminum. No matter what you use for the enclosure (wood, aluminum, etc.), there is a limited life to it. Getting rid of that half-broken furniture and structure could be a real mess, and there is no way you can do it yourself, because there is too much carrying required.

Therefore, what you need is Home Clearance professional garden furniture clearance services. We pick up any kind of garden waste like furniture, wood, metal, rubble, debris, etc. So whatever is it going to be, we will clear it up for you.


Our services

We provide all-around garden clearance services. Check out the clearance services that we provide:

  • Rubbish and garbage removal: Get all your garbage and rubbish waste cleared out with our professionals team who will get to you in no time.
  • Building waste: If you have accumulated building waste in your garden like rubble, debris, cement, ash, or even hazardous chemicals, we will pick them up safely. We provide both commercial and domestic building waste clearance services.
  • Garden rubbish collection: You are one call away from our diverse garden clearance services. Out collection trucks carry everything that our staff would need to get the job done, and include brooms, buckets, shovels, rubble bags, dust sheets, etc. Our services include not just the labour, but also complete sweeping and tiding up. If you have any queries feel free to contact us anytime!


Garden Furniture clearance—what do we collect?

We collect every kind of garden furniture, be it sofas, tables, chairs, greenhouses, netting fences, logs, sheds, walls or anything else. Apart from this, we also provide garden waste clearance services that will clear your garden from twigs, branches, soil, grass cuttings, potted plants, or any other rubbish.

We are fully licensed and insured with 25 years of experience in garbage, rubbish, junk and garden waste clearance services. Wherever it’s possible, we recycle and reuse the disposed items.

We are reliable and fair

We know how much you love your garden, and our motive is to restore it to its original beauty, free of rubble, garbage or junk. We will make it to your house, if we say so— you can totally rely on us.

Best prices, stellar custom service

House clearance provides one of the best waste clearance solutions at your doorstep. We offer our services to both businesses and residencies. Our experienced customer support staff will guide you through the whole procedure, all you have to do is give us a call 074 93 846 007.